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Rug Binding & Backing in Rancho Cordova, California

At A Cut Above Discount Binding, we specialize in rug binding and backing for customers throughout the Sacramento area. We are located in Rancho Cordova, California.

Our Services

We offer standard binding, fringe, serging tape, and wide material borders to finish your carpets. In addition, we offer backings, such as flooring felt, to protect your hardwood and vinyl, non-skid to retard motion, and monk's cloth to prevent scratching.

Whether you have a large job that needs special attention or a simple hallway runner that needs binding and backing, we are glad to help. You'll find that we offer prompt and meticulous service at rates that simply can't be matched anywhere else. Our services include:

  • Binding & Backing
  • Border Beveling
  • Fringe
  • Custom Orders
  • Serging Tape

Shipping & Pickup

Our company picks up from dealers within a 50-mile radius. We accept shipments via common carrier and can ship products anywhere in the U.S.

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